Why birds are attracted to the color red

            The Red Lipstick

There is no mistaking of the powerful statement of the red lipstick.  It exudes confidence, demands attention, it is simply bold.  It enhances facial features, it allows an individual to be seen.  


Welcome, this is my blog and business site, and it will be about everything RED  


Hi, I am Marthilde, the founder of RougeOnFeet.  I started this site because I believe that looking good creates a positive mood, and moods have powerful life effects. 


I originally wanted to call the site "Feet-en-Rouge, but my son thought the current name is a lot more appealing, hence, "RougeOnFeet".  I have 2 girls ages (18) yes twins, and a son age (14), they are my world. My mother lives with me, she is the toughest woman I know and I admire her greatly.  


I was born in the small Island of Haiti and migrated to the United States at the age of 12. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, later completed a Master's degree in nursing with a concentration in Women's Health........

The Effects of Colors on the          Mood

It is well understood, especially among designers and artists, that colors have a profound effect on perception and mood. Currently, there are several specialists looking into the Psychological Effects of Colors. Some colors have a calming effect while others create an effect of excitement. Colors can make a room appear larger, while other colors can make a room seem cozy. We even use colors to explain certain moods, an individual can say " You are green with envy". Color can easily expose an amorous arousal, as an individual will blush or turn red in the interest's presence.

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