Hi, I am Marthilde, the founder of RougeOnFeet.  I started this site because I believe that looking good creates a positive mood, and moods have powerful life effects. 


I Originally wanted to call the site "Feet-en-Rouge, but my son thought the name "RougeOnFeet" was a lot more appealing, hence, "RougeOnFeet".  I am married to the most patient man for 21 years now, we met on a wonderful summer afternoon in Brooklyn NY as a teenager.  I have 2 daughters ages (18), and my son age (14), they are my world. My mother lives with us, she is the toughest woman I know and I admire her greatly.  

I was born in the small Island of Haiti and migrated to the United States at the age of 12. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing, later completed a Master's degree in nursing with a concentration in Women's Health.  I love my work.  Through my work, I became very passionate about individual strength, accomplishment, authenticity to self, and the reasons why we should harbor positive emotions on a regular basis.  I have found that wearing a simple pair of shoes can help achieve all that, and more.  

For the past few years, my memory keeps bringing me back to a specific pair of shoes and the sentiments around the pair.  When I was 16, I spotted a pair of red shoes in a Victoria Secret catalog that I had to have. It was the first time I remembered longing for something.  When the pair arrive and slid my fee in them, well .... I felt instant excitement, emotional elevation, confident, beautiful.  Too often, I have recently wanted to have those feelings again.  And without fail, the same feelings returned once I put on my new pair of red shoes.  


Through my upcoming blogs, I will go delve into details as to why I think EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN AT LEAST ONE PAIR OF RED SHOES.  


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