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Benefits of a Good Mood

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

What is mood?

Mood is a state of being emotionally for a specific period of time, mood tends to last a longer period of time. Mood is not the same as emotion, emotion is rather a set of feelings that is somewhat more intense than mood and shorter lasting. Example of a mood is Major Depression Mood Disorder. This is a mood disorder in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) psychiatric diagnosis book. This mood disorder is a very prevalent disorder affecting mostly women, where 1:10 adults reports having depression. The symptoms differ among individuals, most common to be, feeling worthless, irritability, anxiety, emotional numbness, difficulty concentrating, loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities.

One reason why an individual should pay particular attention to mood is because mood affects decision making. This occurs by impacting mental reasoning that is required for decision making. We like to believe that our decisions are based by sound rational reasoning when it facts it is largely affected by our moods. For instance, if someone is in a bad mood for a prolonged period of time, he or she may decide to declines social activities with friends, that can lead to self-isolation and lost of important social interactions. Social interactions are important building blocks to good relationships.

Being in a good mood has many benefits. These benefits are both physical and non-physical. Research has shown that a good mood decreases blood pressure and heart rate. A sustained increased in blood pressure and heart rate is damaging to the heart, kidneys and other parts of the body. Mood has a favorable effect on the immune system, research has shown that individual in good mood was less likely to get a cold. Positive mood reduces stress. It is well documented that stress has numerous

abnormal effects on general health.

It is of utmost importance to address negative moods as early as possible to avoid permanent mental health conditions. This is important to improve the quality of life. Several simple behaviors can improve the mood.

-Drinking less caffeine, drinking too much caffeine can cause hyper-stimulation. withdrawal of symptoms can lead to negative moods, for example, such moods in the workplace can create a negative work environment with co-workers.

-Excess sweets and simple carbohydrates, excess sugars can cause mood swings when blood sugars are dropped, mostly due to effects of hormones that are released with blood sugar drops abruptly.

-A Sedentary lifestyle can cause depressive moods and vice versa, leading to body aches, muscle pains, general physical discomfort. Which can lead to tense social relationships.

Doing something as simple of putting on an attractive outfit can do wonders to one's mood instantly. May I suggest a pair of red shoes or a bold red outfit. Though looking great can quickly put a smile on one's face, but paying close attention to one's daily mood is important for long-term physical and mental health, and getting professional help when the negative mood is prolonged is of primary concerns.

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