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The Effects of Colors on Mood

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

It is well understood, especially among designers and artists, that colors have a profound effect on perception and mood. Currently, there are several specialists looking into the Psychological Effects of Colors. Some colors have a calming effect while others create an effect of excitement. Colors can make a room appear larger, while other colors can make a room seem cozy. We even use colors to explain certain moods, an individual can say " You are green with envy". Color can easily expose an amorous arousal, as an individual will blush or turn red in the interest's presence.

The perception of color is considered in the scientific world as objective, because of a lack of scientifically researched articles in a rigorous manner pertaining to this subject.

Sir Issac Newton in 1672 has been credited for his research on the discovery of the color spectrum. By refracting light with a prism, he discovered the basic colors (blue, violet, green, yellow, orange, red). In this article, I will provide some personal and common perspective on a few of my favorite colors, they are Black, White and Red.

Black, in my opinion, is a color of sophistication and strength. It is reported that the color black absorbs all light. Black is thought by many to be a color associated with evil, mourning, witchcraft, death, to name a few. However, by many others, it is associated with power, sophistication, formality and the like. In the fashion world, it is thought to have a slimming effect and is ranked as #1 color by many adults.

White, in my opinion, is a color of fragility and sterility. In western culture, it is often associated with purity, innocence. But many others associated all white with isolation and cold. In the fashion industry, it often used to create a contrast. It is often used in housing, especially in the rental industry as many renters prefer to keep their walls white, as this will appeal to a greater population.

Red, in my opinion, is the color of strength, power, attraction, love, intensity. Studies have shown that exposure to the color red creates a boost of energy and excitement. I would consider red to be the perfect color for a room, where much of entertainment occur since I like to feed my guest, Personally the color of my dining room is a crimson red shade. I regularly receive compliments on this fabulous selection of color. For an individual who is dealing with frequent melancholic moods, I would certainly recommend red outfits, as well as infusing his/her surrounding with red accents to elevate the mood.

Color is light and energy existing in varying wavelengths that is reflected on all surrounding objects, and these wavelengths ranged from 300s (seen as-blue/violet, when entered into the eyes) to 700s (seen as - reds, when entered into the eyes). Light (which is seen as colors) is absorbed in the skin yielding many effects, for example, light provided warmth, affects skin tone, stimulates the skin to produce vitamin D which in turn has a wide range of beneficial health effect (vitamin D is required for strong teeth and bone, healthy immune system). Color has been used for therapeutic purposes, also known as Chromotherapy or Light Therapy, this is a holistic therapy.

The author Sally Augustin, Ph.D. writes at Psychology Today, that people are attracted to warm colors, it is recommended to be used in a space where people are encouraged to be drowned to each other. And that people along a red background are thought to be more attractive by others.

I encourage my readers to conduct a personal experiment with the color red and feel free to share your ideas.

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