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The language of fashion. When fashion speaks.

We have all heard the phrase or saying "Action speaks louder than words", and a great many of us tend to agree with this statement. This saying relates to the decisions that an individual make daily about everyday things. It relate to subtle things such as body language. An individual who is a keen observer can figure out the thoughts of another, simply by observing and interpreting body language. Someone can be labeled prophetic when he or she is skillful at reading body language.

One area that can provide insight into the state of mind is fashion. An individual choice of fashion says a great deal about that someone. For example, imagine a CEO of a fortune 500 company working in his office, I am sure you have envisioned someone in a corner office of a high rise with a fancy suit and tie, sitting or standing upright with good posture. Now imagine this same individual at a local water park with his family. You may now see a man wearing shorts with a tank top, lounging lazily on a lounge chair, with sunglasses sipping at a fun drink. He is not imagined as sitting upright in good posture, because he is wearing a different attire in a different setting and so his mood is also changed from serious to fun.

And so what you wear often has an effect on behavior. Wearing a stylish great outfit will often uplift the mood as a result. Some people use fashion to build confidence, to translate or communicate success. Others place great value on the opinion of others or may thrive on praise from others. This can be achieved easily through fashion. High school kids are a great example. The current fashion trend can be seen parading on many kids at a high school campus, because in this age group fashion is associated with acceptance, popularity, fitting in, thriving social life.

Both, men and women who value fashion are often well versed in the more popular brands in fashion. They know a lot about fabric, color, and shades, brand names, fashion shows, fashion trending. This kind of interest and knowledge have many benefits. The uplifted mood that this kind of person displays when he or she is well dressed affects how he or she interacts with the others, one that is more pleasant and agreeable. In other words, well-dressed people hear more "yes" to requests than poorly dressed people, some might say. This more agreeable experience can be due to the improved confidence that is often evident when someone feels good because he or she looks good. Below are a few conscious or subconscious body language examples that can be observed.

Evidence of positive body language:

-Good posture

-Relaxed breathing

-Calm behavior

-A calm tone in speaking

-Walking as if walking on air

-Good and moderate eye contact (not intense)

-quick smiles

Evidence of negative body language:

-Poor posture, such as slouching

-appearing anxious or nervous


-Poor eye contact

-Flat affect

This bond between fashion and state of mind can also have a negative life impact. For instance, individuals who are used to wearing high fashion and high priced items may experience significant emotional distress when he or she can no longer afford to wear these specific items, in the event of negative life circumstances. This person may avoid prior friends and acquaintances when he or she can no longer afford the latest high priced items. This can lead to a feeling of isolation and possible depression.

But remember, when it comes to fashion and looking good, one does not have to break the bank to accomplish this task. A few versatile or baseline outfits that can be mixed with several other items are essential. Some basic knowledge of inner personnel styles, in other words, it all starts with what you consider as looking good, which in turn will make you feel good when you wear. In my personal opinion, fashion has a language, and at times fashion can speak very loudly. So pay attention to what you wear because it is surely a method of communication.

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