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Discovering the "Red Shoe Movement"

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

On this site, I plan to share my passion for red shoes with my audience readers in the upcoming blogs or posts that I intend to write over the next few months. In doing so, I set out to find the types of people or groups of individuals who love the color red, who are enthused about red shoes, who understand the powerful statement it portrays, and the feeling of euphoria an individual can experience when he or she puts on the color red.

This was when I discovered the Red Shoe Movement (RSM). This is a movement that was started several years ago by the author Mariela Dabbah. The purpose of this company is to help women as they improve their careers, to support women leadership roles, guide women on the importance of promoting their peers in and out of the work environment. The Red Shoe Movement site supplies a lot of invaluable information, that are organized to ensure that women have the tools needed to occupy high-level decision-making roles in different areas of influence.

The RSM site, in my opinion, supplies a multitude of recommendations, guidance, and principles that will prove to be quite beneficial to women around the world. RSM site also focuses on the diversity of the workforce, as over the years the world has become a much smaller place. It is a platform ready to provide support to companies interested in employee development that will certainly be beneficial to company growth. I have already started to implement several guiding principles to improve my personal work environment. Information can be found on the subject of improving self-confidence, improving your company's growth through social media, workplace behavior, also addresses the subject of workplace attire, salary negotiation, introduces a multitude of powerful women, just to name a few.

To anyone who has wanted to take the next step, whether in their current position or venturing out into new employment or profession, inspiring success stories will provide wonderful motivation for support. As I have learned and read about regular folks who have achieved successes through hard work, one cannot help but to ask, "Why not me?". It can be difficult to imagine reaching great heights, when you have not learned about someone just like you, reaching those heights. As I personally continue to feed my inner self with positive thoughts and words of affirmation, I understand that these actions will create a state of mind that is required to improve personal satisfaction and achievements.

I also understand, that sometimes, a simple action such as a satisfied glance in the mirror with a wonderful pair of red shoes on one's feet, can be as good a start as anything else. Looking good brings on an instantaneous feeling of warmth. And so I proposed, as soon as possible find a pair of red shoes that will satisfy your sense of style, and wear them as often as possible. Although, I can see how someone can think it a challenge to wear red shoes to work. Many companies designate a flexible but professional attire day, such as Fridays. Might I suggest sporting your favorite pair of red shoes on that day?

If you have gone out to acquire a new pair after reading this article (or if you already own a pair of red shoes), please share your thoughts on this platform.

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