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Your Red Coat Statement

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

The "Red Coats" is a common name given to the British military, initially by the Irish. The military red coat was worn mainly during the 17th to 20th century. This military coat color is quite popular among many other militaries, such as the Canadian Army, Danish, Germany, French, Russian, Romanian, to name a few. The red coat has also made its way into popular fashion, giving a powerful look and making a power statement of confidence and strength.

Very recently, I was listening to a speaking engagement with Barbara Corcoran (The Shark Tank Star and real estate mogul), this was at the Entrepreneur Magazine's 5th Annual Growth Conference in January 2013. She was speaking on the topic of her early years with her family, starting a business, business failure and about not giving up. She spoke about her experiences and her first check as an individual entrepreneur, it was of the sum of $340, she speaks of heading straight to Bergdorf Goodman and blow the whole check on a fancy coat (it was a stunning Red Coat by the picture she posted), she wore the coat nearly over every outfit for 4 years. Barbara Corcoran spoke of the changes she noticed when she wears that coat, she reports feeling like "The Queen of Real Estate", and that people treated her differently, she reports that the change was noticeable and that it was about creating the image of success whether she had it or not.

In this post, I would like to share with you my favorite styles of red coats and how I like to wear them. There are numerous types of red coats, here are few popular types:

-Peacoat: Initially warned by sailors, strait short length coat, double breasted with large buttons and vertical pockets.

-Bridge coat: Similar to a peacoat but is thigh length.

-Trench coat: A type of waterproof coat with a removable inner lining that provides warmth initially warned by army men during first world war in the trenches (hence the name). Double-breasted with 10 buttons, wide lapels and strap belted around waist, straps around the wrists, straps at shoulders. Created with military purposes/function.

-Wrap coat: Waist belted coat with wide collar, mid length with slightly wider & flowing flair, wrapped snug around the body and can be tied at the waist.

-Bracelet Sleeve coat: Short mid-length coat, sleeves down to mid-for-arm.

-Military coat: Coat that resembles a military style jacket, can be short or full length with 10 buttons, double-breasted.

-Cape coat: A coat resembling that of a magician's cape, double-breasted and usually thigh length.

-Toggle or Duffle coat: From the material Duffle (that is a thick wool material) from the town of Duffle in Belgium. Initially warned by the British Navy. Contains 3-4 from wooden button and fastening made of leather or rope - with functionality to be opened easily with gloved hands in the cold, 2 large patch pockets with flap cover.

-Raincoat: Originally made with a waterproof rubber laminated material, in 1824 by Charles Macintocsh of Scotland, apparel store still in existence today.

-Chesterfield coat: Classic style coat for both men and women, initially warned by men only. Named after a famous British fashion tailor named George Stanhope, the Earl of Chesterfield England. It is a long tailored coat with side seams to provide shape, single or double-breasted coat.

There are several ways I like the look of a red jacket. The first is the casual red mid length jacket over a pair of light blue jeans and white button down top and a pair of nude or black heels. This is a fresh day look. The next ensemble is the all black attire with a red mid length jacket or coat on top with flats or heels for an evening or night look. The next is the pea coat with a short or midi dress. This is a fun and relaxed look. Feel free to list your favorite red jacket ensemble.

Red Wrap jacket - stunning and elegant

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